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9 Ways Eating Organic Food Will Change Your Life

The wave of consuming organic produce and food is catching up and rightly so. In those good old days, illness such as cancer happened to a fewer number of people. But today, it seems rampant. Surely, we are doing something wrong. Studies point most of its fingers to lifestyle and food that we ingest every day. That is why families have begun to adopt organic and local foods in their diet for their immense health advantages. Let us look at 10 ways in which this clever choice can change your life for the better!

Obviously, one that is healthy:

Free of pesticides

No prizes for guessing this! Produce cultivated in a conventional manner are sprayed with insecticides, harmful pesticides, and chemical fertilizers. Whereas an organic farmer grows his produce using manure or natural fertilizers and compost. Natural ways to control worms and pests are adopted. This produce does not include any kind of chemicals. So which food would you choose for your family?


Organic food produce is devoid of any chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Hence, it is healthier. The use of natural methods, crop rotation, and green compost is not just good for us but also Mother Earth. The same methods are applied for beef, pork poultry, and other meat products. A wholesome diet, clean and hygienic environment goes a long way to give our family a healthy hearty dish of chicken and egg. Additionally, when we grow healthy and pure food products, we save the planet as much as we save lives. Therefore, the mantra, “Go Green”.

Ample of Antioxidants

Studies have shown that organic foods have a higher level of antioxidants. Antioxidants, as we know, save us from cancer and other frightening ailments as they boost our immune system and have a positive impact on our body. They also result in the less consumption of harmful heavy metal prevalent in conventionally grown foods. Consumption of organic food also reduces heart diseases, premature aging, and various other illnesses.

Lean and mean CLA

It is found that organic foods are often high in CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). CLA is a natural fatty acid and is considered one of the “good fats”, decreasing our urge to consume calories that are unhealthy. In short, CLA replaces the need for other “bad fat”, helping us to burn fat that is already existing in our bodies. It is akin to omega-6 fatty acids essential for our health. CLA is mostly found in animal products that have been grass-fed and cultivated organically.

Yes, it is yummylicious

It is no secret now that organic foods are found to be tastier than your conventionally grown food products. They are sweeter in taste and wholesome, a healthy cocktail which we need. Knowing that there is a healthy plate of meal in front of you assuring you of health will double the pleasure of eating.

Your Personal Bodyguard

We, Homo Sapiens, are often prone to many harmful diseases for which precautionary measures need to be taken. The consumption of organic food can act like your health bodyguard keeping you healthy and happy longer.

A boon for our immunity

Because organic agriculture is essentially a natural method, the food produce is richer in vitamins and essential mineral, making it tremendously beneficial for our immune system. Consider it your best nutritionist.


Organic products are not genetically modified and are GMO- free. Genetically modified and engineered organisms contaminate our food at a shocking rate. Without any alteration, organic food consumption is safe and proven to be healthy for the human body.

Preserve our future

Organic farming protects our planet as it supports our natural environment and is in accordance with nature. The reduction in pollutants protects the soil and conserves different variants of agriculture and natural compounds, as it follows the traditional and safe methods of cultivation. All of this helps our children with their tender health and promote a healthier and happier community in future.

So, what are you waiting for? Start gorging on some organic stuff right now!

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