Honest food rooted in Indian traditions

We started our journey by curating recipes from our own childhoods. Often tweaking them to make healthier substitutes that embrace modern-day living. Our passion for flavours has taken us all over the country, handpicking regional dishes, family recipes and cooking techniques, each of which has influenced and shaped our products.

Made for contemporary lifestyles

Our busy lives leave little time for these age-old cooking methods though. So, we decided to box them up into ready-to-eat meals, while ensuring that they taste nothing like packaged food! Mixing traditional techniques with the latest in food technology, we have created products that are organic, 100% true to authentic flavours and 100% safe, retaining the natural nutrients of the ingredients.

All Our Ingredients are Directly Sourced From Them

Organic isn’t just lip service. It means working with farmers who are certified organic and ensuring that our entire supply chain is sustainable and mindful of the communities we work with. Our network consists of over 1000 organic farmers that support this all-natural practice, and all our ingredients and directly source from them.

Our Products

What Makes Us Different

Curated Recipes

Regional flavours collected across the length and breadth of India

Completely Organic

Absolutely no artificial flavouring or added preservatives

Consciously Sourced

Fresh ingredients from our network of handpicked organic farmers

Nutrient Rich

Advanced food technology preserves natural nutrients of the food

Super Convenient

Easy to carry, quick to prepare and ready to eat in just 3 minutes

Available Globally

You can now shop our products across India and the globe

Our Team

We Are The Best Team

We are a bunch of foodies from diverse walks of life driven by a common purpose of creating clean and sustainable food that is good for people, planet and conscience. 

Here’s the team that made Organic Roots work culture all Organic.

Co Founder
Can survive on soups for all meals
Co Founder
The Khichdi King - enjoys with Ghee and Pickle but hates Curd & Milk
Operations Head
Always busy ensuring that Chutneys ( and everything else ) reaches the right people at the right time
Nothing less than perfect ever leaves his kitchen