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Today Organic Roots is directly working with 20,000 farmers across nine Indian states


Indic Roots Private Limited

We aim to build a robust, sustainable organic produce value chain management. Our passion for Organic food comes from years of understanding the simplicity and beauty of sustainable farming. We work closely with farmers across the nation to promote practices which builds healthy soils, promotes bio-diversity and prohibits the use of genetically modified seeds and chemical fertilizers. We strive to take the Organic Movement ahead and make healthy, Organic food available and affordable for everyone.

With over 45 years of cumulative experience in Organic and Agri Supply Chain, our core team aspires to bring a revolution in Organic eating and healthy well-being.


Our sales force interacted closely with foreign markets and gained insights into how consumer expectations were changing. The regular manufacturing processes were no longer enough; the answer was end-to-end quality control which allowed zero short-cuts. Our organizational structure and our operations had to be transformed and scaled up to realize our vision. We adopted an integrated approach to sourcing, monitoring, and selling our products which ensured the quality that our customers expected.

Today Organic Roots is directly working with 20,000 farmers across nine Indian states, in 1,10,000 acres of certified agriculture land to procure organic produce. All products are processed in certified world-class facilities from start to finish, and monitored all the way from procurement to delivery. Our end-to-end supply chain guarantees transparency and traceability, and the highest quality products that our customers have come to expect.




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