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We are someone like your friend, your family, your neighbor, someone who really cares about you and your health. We are a team of people from diverse walks of life driven by the common purpose of creating food that is good for people, planet and conscience.


Rapidly changing lifestyle with convenience as a top priority is driving people’s food choices these days, while compromising on the health. There is a need to find a safe, sustainable, delectable and convenient alternative to the widespread use of artificial preservatives and other additives, while providing food solutions to people which nourishes them and their loved ones.


Keeping this in mind our products and solutions try and bring Nutrition and Nourishment in 3-minutes. We have been constantly striving to deliver healthy, wholesome, and delectable food for the consumers in the safest way possible. Our varied products range across meals, soups, chutneys, among others, and are made using traditional wisdom with wholesome ingredients like super grains, millets etc. to develop products that taste perfect, and are nutritious; thus appealing to the most discerning palate.


Our offering is for people who are looking to make an upgrade to safe and healthy foods without compromising on taste. We are all passionate about clean food and it gives us great joy to create sustainable solutions. We have an industry leading shelf life, the product doesn’t require any special storage conditions and can be stored at room temperature.

Our busy lives leave little time for the age-old cooking methods we were so used to. So, we decided to box them up into ready-to-eat meals, while ensuring that they taste nothing like packaged food!


Mixing traditional techniques with the latest in food technology, we have created products that are organic, 100% true to authentic flavors and 100% safe, retaining the natural nutrients of the ingredients.


Buying an Organic Roots product means joining in the celebration of traditional food wisdom (wholesome local ingredients, slow cooked using ancient techniques), one which is nutritious, healthy and one which supports a community of organic farmers in a big way.


Organic Roots products are only one bit of what a ready to eat instant meals options available in the market are – Convenient to prepare.


Cheap mass product options seem only cheap on currency price tag. There is a steep price that we as a generation are paying for it, the price of systematically destroying our ecosystem and health. Organic Roots range of products can be categorized as perfect amalgamation of traditional wisdom and technology.


Products that are organic, natural, prepared in small batches, without the use of chemicals, preservatives, artificial additives (fillers, emulsifiers, colors, flavor enhancers) etc.

Yes are products are certified organic. For more info please email at info@organicroots.in
A certified organic label helps you to identify whether the product is organic or not. An organic seal assures consumers of the quality and integrity of organic products. Organic-certified operations must have an organic system plan and records that verify compliance with that plan.
When you buy an Organic Roots product, you get safe food that you can trust. And you also give back to farming communities across the country. Organic isn’t just lip service. It means working with farmers who are certified organic and ensuring that our entire supply chain is sustainable and mindful of the communities we work with.
Our network consists of over 1000 organic farmers that support this sustainable practice, and our ingredients are directly sourced from them.

Team comprises of MBA’s, Engineers, Hotel Management professionals, Chefs who have studied and worked with diverse organizations across the globe. All of them have a common vision of enabling healthier eating , conscious consumption, and safe & sustainable food practices for long-term impact. The impact that Organic Roots creates right at the farmer level to the end customer is what motivates them. Positively impacting lives of millions of people while enjoying what they love doing motives them.
We started our journey by curating recipes from our own childhoods. Often tweaking them to make healthier substitutes that embrace modern-day living. Our passion for flavours has taken us all over the country, handpicking regional dishes, family recipes and cooking techniques, each of which has influenced and shaped our products.
From the soul-nourishing Bele Bele Bath made with Barnyard Millets to wholesome Moth Bajre ki Khichdi, protein-rich Sattu ka Soup, and lip-smacking Chutneys with classic flavors from Coriander to Roasted Tomatoes, shop your next meal at Organic Roots

All our products have a shelf life of 6 – 12 months. The products have absolutely ZERO artificial preservatives, coloring and flavoring agents added. We have a clean label with nothing to hide.
Our process is committed towards bringing food to you in the most natural form. We are constantly innovating and experimenting to ensure that there are no chemicals involved. And it’s all completely transparent.
A superior dehydration technique, one done at sub zero temperatures, is used (similar to the ones used by army and astronauts to carry food while on mission). Zero moisture and oxygen ensure that the products are shelf stable and have superior shelf life without any preservatives.

The dehydration technique we use at sub zero freezing temperatures ensure that almost 98%-99% nutrition value if intact as compared to traditional heat dehydration technique which preserves only 50%-60% nutritional value.

We are a startup fighting with the big corporations in our goal to provide safe and sustainable food solutions. We strive pretty much on the support and love we receive from our well wishers and customers. Although we follow and practice similar production standards as big corporations and more, since all our products are made in small batches and contain absolutely no traces of artificial preservatives or additives, they might be vulnerable to spoilage if exposed to extreme temperatures and moisture and if not stored properly or are tempered with. Having said this if you have any issue with the product please do contact us with all the details. We shall replace the product for you.

It’s best if you buy directly from our website. If there is a major cost difference or some other promotional benefit the third party online platforms or websites are offering please go ahead and order from them. Otherwise we like to create a personal relationship with our customers and we both benefit if you buy directly from us.

For majority of the orders there are no shipping or COD charges but depending upon the address pin code and order value there might be some charges. Once you build your cart the actual charges will reflect. These rates are at lower that the actuals as charged by the shipping company. Although we absorb the same in most of the cases but they are needed to ensure uncompromised services for our customers through the best shipping companies in the business.

Once an order is placed with us, a message is auto-sent to your email address and phone number. Post shipping the tracking details are also sent on the same contact details. In any case you can always call or email us directly with your order details and we shall be happy to talk to you.

Do use the contact us form on the website or use messenger/whatsapp tab/link on the home page. You may also call us at +91 89292 58401 or email us at info@organicroots.in

No. We currently don’t ship internationally. We are working on it. But if you have any specific requirement please do let us know. We will be happy to work out a solution for you.