Nawabi Haleem from the Bylanes of Hyderabad - Ready to Eat


The Nawabi Haleem from the bylanes of Hyderabad

Hyderabad for Haleem and Haleem from Hyderabad, there’s no way separating these two words as they are synonymous with each other. It is a lot more than a dish- it is a culinary tradition with religious association, as Muslims break the Ramzan fast with it. Being the slow-food star in Hyderabadi cuisine, it is cooked over 12 hours on firewood in a copper vessel. Haleem is a rich blend of cereals, wheat, dairy, vegetables, and minced meat. It is renowned in the world both for its deliciousness and also its high nutritive value, making it the perfect balance of health and taste.

Organic Roots brings you the satiating taste of Haleem in our Vegan Haleem meal box made with organic vegetables and Millets, and free from all dairy products. Yes, you read that right, this meal box is not only vegetarian but also vegan. Vegetarian haleem like vegetable biriyani, might sound like an oxymoron, or even laughable, to those who relish this traditional Ramzan fare characterised by generous helpings of meat. Most of the foodie folks swear that these veg versions are nothing like the real thing, and they don’t even deserve the name because there is a lot to compromise in context of taste and aroma.

However, our meal box does not compromise on the recipe and flavours, this meatless and vegan version is soulful, flavourful and healthful with Foxtail Millet being the base ingredient along with broken wheat, barley, lentils and spices.

Let the vegan flavours of this culinary creation enchant you which for the longest of time belonged in the realms of impossible, until now.  

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