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Organic Roots Millet Haleem | Vegan Haleem | Healthy Snacks | Ready to Eat Meal | No MSG, No Preservatives | Full Meal – 55 gm

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  • Vegan adaptation of the traditional Hyderabadi dish, made healthier using Barley and Millets. 
  • Our meal recipes use super grains like Quinoa, Black Rice, Millets etc, and are prepared to bring you products that are easy to make and relish at your convenience.
  • Organic Roots brings the best of tradition and technology together to provide healthy, wholesome and delectable food products that can be prepared in 3 minutes
  • Our products are Certified Organic that use No Preservatives and No Additives. The products use safe and sustainable ingredients sourced from across India.
  • For good constitution of the product, add boiling hot water till the suggested mark or the approx. volume mentioned in the instructions while stirring to avoid lumps. Close the lid for 3 minutes.

  Enjoy with – Curd | Pickle | Papad | Desi Ghee | Chutney | Tadka

If you purchase this product you will earn 7-29 Points worth 14-7!
If you purchase this product you will earn 7-29 Points worth 14-7!
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 A must-have in a hustler’s bag
Don’t skip meals while rushing through the day. Get your bowl of Healthy, Wholesome and Delectable Meals, add some warm water to it, and keep it aside for 3 mins. Bon appétit!

Age-old recipes made with innovative technology that will transport you to your roots

 Wholesome Nutrition
Super grains and organic ingredients provide wholesome and essential nutrients

 Pure and Safe
No chemical preservatives or additives used ever

Easy to prepare – a simple 3-minute meal Lightweight and easy to carry

 Certified Organic
Our products are sourced from certified organic supply chains across India

13 reviews for Organic Roots Millet Haleem | Vegan Haleem | Healthy Snacks | Ready to Eat Meal | No MSG, No Preservatives | Full Meal – 55 gm

  1. Karan Mishra

    Found some recipes that I’ve never had, this millet haleem is very unique loaded with grains. No preservatives or chemicals, truly organic.

  2. Radha Verma

    Tasty and super delicious Millet Haleem ever, It makes within a minute, only water is what we need for this, very healthy and delicious lunch for me.

  3. Muskan Gupta

    We bought this for emergencies – when we don’t have time to make food at home. When we mixed this, the fragrance and flavor is exactly as homemade. I loved this Millet Haleem

  4. Naman Kumar

    The product is really good, made with Quinoa, Black Rice, Millets, etc. The texture and taste of this Millet Haleem is really nice. It is awesome and a great substitute for lunch and definitely healthier. The quality is good too. Would recommend buying this product.

  5. Ayush Raj

    I am so happy with the product, I usually use this Millet Haleem as a snack or sometimes as a lunch. It is delicious and fresh as I expected. I would love to buy it more often and use it as my daily nutrition pack!

  6. Gautam Gulati

    Outstanding product. Best quality of Millet Haleem that I have ever bought. Tastes great and looks great too.

  7. Himesh Maurya

    Fresh organic Millet Haleem mixes made from a variety of super grains like Quinoa, Black Rice, Millets, etc., are Recommended for little ones who are just starting solids.

  8. Mayank Rajput

    Millet Haleem is Made from ancient Indian Super grains like Quinoa, Black Rice, Millets, etc, It has No Preservatives, colors, or artificial flavors. All Natural.

  9. Sowmya Barayee

    I am very satisfied with this millet haleem. I love this millet, easy to cook while traveling if you carry an electric kettle you can easily cook up their porridge

  10. Jyoti Verma

    Before finding out about Organic Roots, I didn’t know that Millet can also be made easily just by adding water but when I try it I find it Delicious it has all Flavours

  11. Mamta Garg

    I always want ready-made meals, which I can have with any time I am hungry and this perfect at it is Fantastic, tried it and loved it!

  12. Radhika Varshney

    Like the taste, I often take it to work for lunch and it’s an easy, healthy way to have a hot meal.

  13. Dorothy

    Good article. I certainly love this website.
    Continue the good work!

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