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Keep a check on the Glycemic Load

Type 2 Diabetic patients have a general notion that it cannot be reversed and they will have to be on lifetime medication. However, this is nowhere true as with a good lifestyle and healthy food habits along with medical guidance, it surely can be reversed. It is common for all diabetic patients to ask about the food items they can have and they tend to skip various fruits and veggies considering them high in sugar or carbohydrates.

  • It is important to understand the difference between the Glycemic Index and the Glycemic Load.
  • Make sure that you take care of the portion size of the food and likewise you’ll be able to control the blood sugar level with respect to your diet. Overeating is a strict NO.
  • If you have a low Glycemic index then you can have foods with moderate Glycemic Index in order to maintain balance.

Insulin is a hormone and a balanced lifestyle with proper sleep and diet rich in nutrients and vitamins essential. Enjoy our variants of Organic Khichdi with ingredients low in Glycemic Index.

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