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Indulge in Healthy Munching Options

Looking for some healthy snacking options, then we have got you covered. Say NO to junk snacking by switching to these healthier options that will not only satiate your hunger pangs but will also add nutrients to your diet.

  1. Fruits- They do not have refined sugar and have fructose that will give your body essential nutrients and minerals. 1-2 servings a day is sufficient instead of cookies, biscuits or any sugary food item.
  2. Murmura or Makhana- Also known as Foxnuts, you can have makhanas in roasted form and with some seasoning of black pepper. You can have murumura as chatpata bhel by adding some chopped veggies that will also make for a fibre-rich healthy snack.
  3. Coconut Water- It has electrolyte that is great for dehydration concerns.
  4. Buttermilk- It has probiotics that are great for gastric trouble, bloating and gut concerns. You can add some seasoning to enhance the flavours.
  5. Lemon Water- Rich in Vitamin C, lemon aids indigestion and also cleanses the gut system.
  6. Curd- It is filling and you can combine it with some fruits or vegetables to enhance the nutrition quotient.
  7. Gond Katira- You can have this in the morning for acidity concerns, can be added to curd or buttermilk to subside cravings.
  8. Roasted Chana- You can roast some chanas at home, add some spices and a healthy munching snack is ready.
  9. Peanuts- It is rich in Vitamin B2 and great for migraine headaches.
  10. Sprouts- All sprouts are rich in Vitamin C due to germination, you can also add a few veggies along with seasoning to get more flavours.
  11. Sweet Corn- Both sweet or plain are great for munching. The trick here is to use only homemade sweetcorns and not the packed ones.
  12. Sweet Potato- You can have it roasted, boiled or steamed form as it is great for PMS and painful cycles.
  13. Sabja Seeds- Soak them overnight and then add them to milk or make some pudding by adding some fruits.

Let these snacks be a part of your daily routine to satiate your hunger pangs. We bring your mealboxes with traditional flavours and organic ingredients that can be prepared in 3 minutes.

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