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It is essential to include foods that are high on satiety index in your daily diet to avoid constant snacking on junk and unhealthy food. Food breaks down in our body and metabolizes at different rates and needs energy to do the needful which is calculated in calories that are the source of energy. Junk Food is low on energy count and hence, we tend to eat more due to low energy lump. Foods that have a high satiety index keep you full for a long time and help you avoid eating junk all day long. Working from Home has made us all resort to constant snacking and munching resulting in an unhealthy lifestyle. Every meal takes upto 3-4 hours to digest and therefore, the same amount of gap should be there in every meal, if the same gap is not

Periods are a difficult time for every female as the body goes through a tremendous hormonal imbalance resulting in Post Menstrual Syndrome (PMS), Menstrual Cramps, Lethargy, Indigestion and a lot more. Adding the following food items in your diet can easily get you relieved from all concerns related to menstrual cycle and you enjoy a pain-free period. Have soaked black raisins and saffron in the morning Include a dollop of pure ghee everyday in your diet Curd Rice for Lunch and add a little crispiness with Papd Jaggery with roasted cashews or peanuts to satiate your sugar cravings A light dinner comprising of Lentil Khichdi or Dosa Including these food items in your period diet will help you with the dullness, congestion, cramps, irritability and tenderness of muscles all the way. Enjoy a bowl of Curd Rice or Khichdi made with organic

The quality and quantity of salt can impact your health in various ways and can help you with Blood Pressure concerns, water retention, bloating and weight loss. It is important to understand the role played by salt and its components in our body. Our human body cannot produce Sodium Chloride on its own and is essential for body functions which is eventually gained by fruits, vegetables and topical addition. Cellular Health is vital for immunity and for prevention and healing of diseases Sodium Chloride i.e. Sea Salt, regulates the pH levels, digestion and hydration. Chloride carries the CO2 from the tissues to the lungs for exhalation. Every extra gram of Sodium Chloride needs 23 gms of cellular water to neutralise it. Pink Salt is the healthiest salt in the world as it is unfiltered and unhygienic. Include Rock Salt in your

Type 2 Diabetic patients have a general notion that it cannot be reversed and they will have to be on lifetime medication. However, this is nowhere true as with a good lifestyle and healthy food habits along with medical guidance, it surely can be reversed. It is common for all diabetic patients to ask about the food items they can have and they tend to skip various fruits and veggies considering them high in sugar or carbohydrates. It is important to understand the difference between the Glycemic Index and the Glycemic Load. Make sure that you take care of the portion size of the food and likewise you’ll be able to control the blood sugar level with respect to your diet. Overeating is a strict NO. If you have a low Glycemic index then you can have foods with moderate

For the longest of times, we suffered from Hypotension due to less salt intake in our diet and then came the time with the fast lifestyle and work pressure, a visual cause for Hypertension. It was then advised to reduce the salt intake in our daily diet to curb the effects of Hypertension and with various online studies, the salt intake was literally cut off.  A balanced salt intake is essential for the body functions and that too infused in the home-cooked food. We are proud of our Heritage Pickle culture. To give life to pickles, we follow the process of putting pickle ingredients in salt which causes lactofermentation. It is responsible for good bacteria that gives life to the pickle and saves it from going stale early. The bacteria then results in adding Vitamin K2 which further adds Vitamin D.

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