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June 2020

Periods are a difficult time for every female as the body goes through a tremendous hormonal imbalance resulting in Post Menstrual Syndrome (PMS), Menstrual Cramps, Lethargy, Indigestion and a lot more. Adding the following food items in your diet can easily get you relieved from all concerns related to menstrual cycle and you enjoy a pain-free period. Have soaked black raisins and saffron in the morning Include a dollop of pure ghee everyday in your diet Curd Rice for Lunch and add a little crispiness with Papd Jaggery with roasted cashews or peanuts to satiate your sugar cravings A light dinner comprising of Lentil Khichdi or Dosa Including these food items in your period diet will help you with the dullness, congestion, cramps, irritability and tenderness of muscles all the way. Enjoy a bowl of Curd Rice or Khichdi made with organic

The quality and quantity of salt can impact your health in various ways and can help you with Blood Pressure concerns, water retention, bloating and weight loss. It is important to understand the role played by salt and its components in our body. Our human body cannot produce Sodium Chloride on its own and is essential for body functions which is eventually gained by fruits, vegetables and topical addition. Cellular Health is vital for immunity and for prevention and healing of diseases Sodium Chloride i.e. Sea Salt, regulates the pH levels, digestion and hydration. Chloride carries the CO2 from the tissues to the lungs for exhalation. Every extra gram of Sodium Chloride needs 23 gms of cellular water to neutralise it. Pink Salt is the healthiest salt in the world as it is unfiltered and unhygienic. Include Rock Salt in your

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