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July 2019

Recent times have seen lifestyle diseases like diabetes and obesity, with their accompanying complications, reaching almost epidemic levels. Even becoming the leading cause of death in some high-income countries. One main cause for its aggravation is the food we consume. Time then to take a good hard look our daily diet. Is this what yours looks like? Salt, sugar and fat. Of course, you know the foods that are good for you. If you don’t here’s the lowdown on the 7 essential nutrients your body needs. Many of these nutrients are found in whole grains, which essentially refer to grains that have not been depleted by over-polishing. But, here’s the thing. There’s more to whole grain than wheat, rice and corn. The humble millet, for instance, is a whole grain. An excellent source of nutrition, available freely, right under our very noses, yet largely ignored. Millet, though an

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